What’s your Number in the Priority List?

Choose Self in the Priority list
I have put myself and my choices at the end of the priority list. But, now, NO MORE. A blog post by Rekha Mittal Gupta
Choose Self in the Priority list
Choose Self in the Priority list

Kya karein, kya na karein
Ye kaesi mushkil Hhhaaayyyeeee
koi to bata de iska hal o mere bhai…..

Every morning brings with it a dilemma and the entire day goes in dilemma for the ladies of the house – whether they be working moms or homemakers.

Am sure, you all might have guessed it by now. Yes, what to cook?????

“Ummmmm…. kya banaun…. ye pati ni khata, ye bachche ni khate…. isme bahut time lag jayega…
(Ummmm… What should I cook…. one thing hubby doesn’t eat, another thing kids don’t eat… this thing takes a lot of time to cook….)

All are part of the same family, having similar chromosomes, still, I wonder how everyone carries such different taste buds.

If the breakfast issue is sorted out, then what to cook for lunch engulfs the senses. Once sorted, thinking about the dinner menu steals away the sleep.

I seriously wonder will it work if I cook Dal Makhani, Shahi Paneer, and Mix veg daily, that too at both times.

Because this is the set menu of my family members whenever we got out for dining. Here, the taste buds match but they throw their full tantrums only at home in front of the poor lady of the family.

I called up my mother-in-law and my mother to find the solution to this dilemma of mine.

MY MOM’s RESPONSE: Make one vegetable of the husband’s choice, one of the child’s choice and serve them the save veggie during lunch as well as dinner. After all, you are no Robot. Let them have their choice of vegetable with the condition that they will have to eat it at both the times of the day.

MY MIL’s RESPONSE: Cook what you feel like cooking according to your time schedule, energy level and nutritional quality. Serve them with the condition that you won’t cook separately for different members. They have two choices: eat what is cooked or sleep hungry. Of course, they won’t sleep hungry for more than two days. Also, alternate the preferences. Like one meal according to one member, other according to another. And most importantly, don’t forget your own taste buds. Cook for yourself too.

Yes, friends, we tend to forget about our likes and dislikes amidst the cacophony of our loved ones likes and dislikes. But, friends, live for yourself too.

After having a word with my mom-in-law, I sat down to think about my choices and I realized, I have no special preferences left. My choices have been buried deep under the pile of my loved one’s choices. I have put myself and my choices at the end of the priority list. But, now, NO MORE.

What is your say in this matter? Please voice your opinion and if you liked my mother or mother-in-law’s suggestion, do give your ❤️.

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