Savage Maths burnt the lunch

Math-Lunch- Savage
Math-Lunch- Savage
An everyday occurrence in everyone's life... A blogpost by Rekha Mittal Gupta
Math-Lunch- Savage
Math-Lunch- Savage

Mummy, mummy, where are you, come here”, squealed Bhumi at the top of her voice.

Digits, calculations, measurements always got on her nerves and so were they getting today. She was on the verge of pulling her hair when she called out her mother from her study room.

Despite taking tuitions apart from school studies, she didn’t get contentment till her mom taught her the same, especially Mathematics.

“What happened Bhumi? Why are you shouting?” sweat-drenched Kiran, her mom, came to the room wiping her sweat.

The moment the cool breeze of the room caressed her heat-stroked skin, Kiran took a breath of respite. Working in the sweltering kitchen during scorching hot summers is arduous. Stepping from 45 degrees F temperature to 18 degrees F temperature was a welcome relief for her. All her frustration vaporized into thin air.

“Savage Maths is torturing me”, Bhumi complained to Kiran, throwing her pen and stomping her feet. Kiran sat next to her, patted her head, and started explaining the concept. After clarifying, she sat there basking in the coolness of the air-conditioned room, and eventually, she dozed off.

After about half an hour, there was a persistent knock on the door, indicating urgency. Kiran’s mom-in-law was yelling from outside, “Where are you, Kiran, where are you?”

Kiran woke up startled, Bhumi too ran towards the door. As soon as Bhumi opened the door, a strong burning odour hit her nostrils. Kiran ran towards the smoke-filled kitchen.

Actually what happened was – when Bhumi called her out, Kiran was preparing lunch. In her haste to reach Bhumi, she forgot to turn off the knob of the burner. After solving Bhumi’s problem, she sat there for comforting herself,  believing that she had turned off the knob.

By God’s grace, both the flames were on low, or else God only knows what could have happened in that half an hour. In an air-conditioned closed room, they couldn’t sense any burning smell.

It was when the smell reached the ground floor, that her mil came upstairs and the entire scene unfolded before them. They all thanked God for saving them from any untoward incident. Though she failed to serve lunch that day on time, nothing serious occurred. Thanks to Almighty.

Bhumi apologized for panicking and calling her mother like that. She was preparing for her examination and when she couldn’t solve the problem even one day before the paper, she lost it, panicked, and yelled.

One day later, Bhumi reached school, optimistic and all prepared for her Mathematics examination. On entering the hall, an atom bomb exploded on her. That day there was no paper of Maths but of English. Scared of Maths, Bhumi forgot about the correct sequence of the datasheet and did the blunder of coming unprepared for the English examination.

Sweat beads appeared on her forehead. She was on the verge of breaking down when her friend reassured her saying that even without preparing, she could take up the examination of all the subjects. Thankfully, all the teachers, including the English teacher, had done a good revision of their subjects in the class. As a result, nervous Bhumi too attempted the paper easily and later, passed in flying colours. All’s well if the end’s well, isn’t it?

Friends, this blunder of preparing for other subjects is often committed by students at least once in their lifetime, what’s your story? How did you manage? Do share. Also,  I am sure the kitchen blunder also happens many a time with us. We keep something on the gas stove,  go to look at the phone and then we get stuck on the phone forgetting about the gas stove. Has it happened to you? Share your story…

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