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Setting Goals and Achieving your Dreams
A lovely anecdote about how one needs to have an aim and set goals in life. A light read by Rekha Mittal Gupta.
Setting Goals and Achieving your Dreams
Setting Goals and Achieving your Dreams

“Momma, what is a goal?” asked a 10-year-old Aditya to his mom, Nidhi.

Oblivious of what’s going on in his mind and perplexed as to how come a soccer fan doesn’t know what a goal is, she asked, “Adi, stop asking silly questions. You play football, still, you don’t know what a goal is?

Mom, I know about that goal but there ought to be some other meaning of goal. Today, during Hindi class, when ma’am had not yet arrived, Jatin’s mic was unmuted and he was saying to his mom that he doesn’t want to study, that he doesn’t like studying. At that time, his mom said that if he won’t study then how will he achieve his goal of becoming a News Anchor and bringing about a revolution in the field of journalism.”

Nidhi understood and was quite impressed by Jatin’s clarity about the choice of his future field.

Nidhi, then elucidated to his son, “We all aim to achieve something in our lives, we work hard to achieve that. That, for which we strive is the goal – the purpose of our life, the aim. What we want to achieve and excel in is the goal or ultimate purpose of our lives. See, he is your classmate, just 10 years old and he knows what he wants to become and achieve in his life. Have you ever thought of it? What do you want to achieve when you grow up?

Mom, I haven’t thought about it as yet. But, right now, I have some aims in life if that is what you can call goals. I have a goal to score above 90% marks in all my subjects. I have a goal to study hard, that too without coercion. I strive hard that you don’t receive any complaints about me. I have a goal to learn basic life skills so that I am never a burden on anyone and can look after myself when I would need to go away from you for higher studies. I have a goal to spread happiness and smile and take care of my grandparents. Right now, I have just these small goals. First, I want to prove myself in these goals, then I will think about career goals keeping in mind my preferences and likes at that time. Abi to mere maze karne ke din hain, itne stress lene ki ni”

He went away dribbling his basketball leaving his mom proud about his sensible goals of life.

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