Journey of Life!

Journey of Life! by Nirmala Mahesh

I walk through the journey of life ,
With a firm belief to strive ,
Tiding through the tough situations,
Going through the process of transformation ,
We meet so many people through the journey ,
Being content and satisfied is harmony ,
The deeds and acts of kindness,
Of a person are like footprints ,
on so many hearts imprinted,
But only a few hearts connected ,
The way you treat people is an art,
Do always good deeds ,
Every good deed is like a seed.

-Nirmala Mahesh
Journey of Life!
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Journey of Life!
Journey of Life! by Nirmala Mahesh
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The Momma Clan
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  1. I enjoyed it just as much as you will be able to accomplish here. You should be apprehensive about providing the following, but the sketch is lovely and the writing is stylish; yet, you should definitely return back as you will be doing this walk so frequently.

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