Paryushan Festival

Paryushan Festival

Paryushan festival by Poornima Sivaraman
Paryushan Festival

Aradhya,is a young girl of 15 years old. She lives in a joint family with grandparents, parents uncle and aunt, and two cousins.

She has been watching the festival of Paryushan festival and knows the significance of the festival. This festival holds an immense significance among the Jain community. They celebrate with great devotion. There are two sects of Jain, the Shwetambara Jain community celebrates for eight days and the Digambar Jain community celebrates for ten days. They follow the path of spirituality. Aradhya knows it is the festival of forgiveness.

It is a time of meditation and inner peace. They do fasting and eat simple food,

She has learnt to control her sense of pleasures. They sleep on the floor. Have food before sunset. They avoid green vegetables. She practices Pratikraman and seeks for forgiveness if she has committed it unconsciously. They conclude this festival with Samvatsari where people gather and celebrate. Aradhya waits for that day.

This year it starts on 12th September and ends on the 20th.September.

-Poornima Sivaraman

Paryushan Festival
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Paryushan Festival
Paryushan festival by Poornima Sivaraman
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