"Raksha Bandhan"

“Raksha Bandhan”

"Raksha Bandhan" by Shivani Pachauri
"Raksha Bandhan"

It is difficult to describe this loving relationship,

 Because it is a special and wonderful bond.

 Brother’s love, sister’s concern,

 This relationship is not only of blood, but of heart.

 When we used to play toys together in childhood,

 This very important thing increased as I grew up.

 Used to play at home during school holidays,

 Used to mix every happiness and sorrow in the time spent together.

 Even after growing up, sister has every dream brother,

 He finds his happiness only in her happiness.

 Sister’s smile is special in moments of happiness,

 And in times of sorrows, he alone gives shelter with his sister.

 This relationship is not only bound by mutual love,

 Rather, there is mutual support and cooperation in this.

 In facing all the challenges of life,

 Brothers and sisters together strengthen each other.

 May this relationship be full of affection and respect,

 May the love of brother and sister always bring us joy and happiness.

 the importance of this loving and supportive bond,

 May you always remain in the hearts of sisters and brothers.

-Shivani Pachauri
"Raksha Bandhan"
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"Raksha Bandhan"
"Raksha Bandhan" by Shivani Pachauri
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The Momma Clan
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