The Unforgettable Boat Ride

The Unforgettable Boat Ride by Poornima Sivaraman
The Unforgettable Boat Ride

Looking at the picture, I took a flashback way back in 1975 in Patna when the flood water from the Pun Pun River flowed down the streets of Patna. It was amazing to see how the water flowed at a great speed and all were watching with fun but when it entered the complex up to 6 feet, the panic button was pressed, ” Oh! No what will happen now, do we have enough food items in the house?

The boat was sent by the administration for people to get needful things. I too with excitement got unto it and it is still a nightmare to see this picture. The NDRF Is doing a wonderful job to rescue people from remote huts, the kids, adults, and seniors.

We wonder what these NDRF, and CRPF jawans do when there is no calamity and they are paid so much.

They go through severe training to face any sudden calamity or natural happenings.

Hats off to them, for placing their lives in danger to save so many people’s lives. It is so dangerous to see them teaching people through ropes and ladders.

The flow and the current of water are dangerous at times. With their training, they come to help.

Let us hope things get better soon and life gets normal?

Poornima Sivaraman
The Unforgettable Boat Ride
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The Unforgettable Boat Ride
The Unforgettable Boat Ride by Poornima Sivaraman
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The Momma Clan
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