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Rafting A Thrilling Sport

Rafting A Thrilling Sport by Manohar Luthra

Rafting an amazing sports activity 

A rare example of confronting water power through human creativity 

Rafting down the river gives immense thrill

Spattering and bouncing water fear and pleasure instill

An exciting experience waiting to be  offered 

An unusual experience of sailing on the untamed water

A unique adventure full of challenge 

Experience the rocking boat difficult to balance

The roaring river with thick forests surrounded 

Rafting sport for weak heart not propounded 

But a lifetime opportunity for those who look for risk laden  pleasure 

The sport gives  them excitement beyond measure 

Manoeuvering through deep rapids

Requires skill and not dance of  the tappers

Rafting a boon for those who seek high-grade adventure 

Rafting a dangerous but thrilling sports venture.

-Manohar Luthra
Rafting A Thrilling Sport
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Rafting A Thrilling Sport
Rafting A Thrilling Sport by Manohar Luthra
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The Momma Clan
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