Pious Innocence

Pious innocence
Pious Innocence

How innocent and divine

You seem, as if incarnation 

 Of God, just like every child. 

Your skin is so soft and mild,

Still reflects a rare radiance.

So magical is your presence 

As brings smile on onlooker’s face.

The mesmerizing influence of your glimpse,

Compels everyone to love you 

Whether they know you or not, it’s true,

As true as brightness of your eyes,

Full of bliss, oblivious of evil or lies,

Your make-believe world is wonderful 

Like your pious looks which do instil

Tranquillity as well as a pleasant feeling

And this unique quality suffice to bring 

Good vibes in the entire atmosphere,

Making everyone effortlessly happier.

May you retain at least some fraction 

Of this purity and magnetic attraction,

Outcome of honesty and pious innocence,

Pouring, at present, from your  presence.

Promila Bhardwaj (India)

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