Baby with a Melting Smile- Smiling Baby

Smiling Baby
Baby with a melting smile- Smiling Baby

“Aww, look at the adorable apple of our eyes, darling!” 

Looking at our happy baby, I clutched my hubby Manav’s arm and said while resting my head on his shoulder.

“Yes, sweetheart! Our princess looks divine with such sparkling eyes and a naughty smile.”

Manav said with a warm smile while fixing his mobile on our baby to click her cute picture.

“Yes yes, why wouldn’t this little devil give a naughty smile after giving both of us sleepless nights, by feeding her, changing nappies, or trying to cradle her to sleep, who seems more interested to play during midnights? Oh, I’m so tired.” 

I almost closed my eyes with weariness, ignoring our princess’s cute smile for a while.

Well, that’s the sweetest price of parenthood, my dear. Enjoy the moment and relish the beautiful smile, our bundle of joy spreads every morning after her massage, her bath, and her potty of course!” 

Manav said with a chuckle. I giggled too and so did our baby, who looked fresh like a cucumber. Our smiling Baby!!!

-Shashi Thakur

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