Genuine Laugh of an Innocent

“Genuine Laugh of an Innocent”

Genuine Laugh of an Innocent
Genuine Laugh of an Innocent

One stormy day, a group of kids is walking on the street, they went from school and nobody has an umbrella. No one knows that a typhoon is about to come…

So the school released the kids early as possible. But suddenly, when the group is on Third Street, the heavy rains fall down on them. So everyone run and tried to reach someplace to hide but nothing…

They know that when they get wet they will be sick. But a brave one said, “Guys, what if we enjoy the rain?”

The others were surprised by his suggestion and doubted that they will be sick but the brave one said again, me and my parents enjoying the rain, we use to have a shower on it and play.

After hearing it, the other kids’ eyes were delighted and wanted to try it so after a few moments they all laughed and enjoyed the rain until they reach their homes.

The last boy and the brave one left. The other boy said I enjoyed your idea, you are a great friend to us even at school… See you again.

Next, I need to go home and do a good shower and take a hot meal ba-bye!!, after hearing it the brave boy smiled and felt happiness with his friends and the moment under the rain alone with the cutest smile on his cheek…

-Veronica Pingol

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