Bye Bye 2022

Bye Bye 2022
Bye Bye 2022

Farewell to  2022 

It’s harsh to say goodbye 

But let me stare at the memories 

That this  year has splashed on me 

Let me reset them in my heart 

Bitter collections of betrayal are there 

It’s difficult to love again 

In my drawers, I can see my certificates 

Not again 

I don’t want to count on humans again 

I will not fall in love again 

Let the last day of December burn his treason 

A new year is heralding to embrace a fresh dawn 

And I await to rekindle my fragile emotions

The  dazzling dusky night is fading slow 

The enticing sky is filled with a starry glow

Like hell, I long to get rid of this year 

The night is fading with the memories of yore 

Hark, my memories are deeply buried 

This coming year will renew my lost spirit 

Never, I will be the same person, you know 

With fake vows, this year slowly withers 

May we dream of a bright tomorrow 

Let us fall in love with each other!!! 

-Sudipta Mishra

One thought on “Bye Bye 2022

  1. Wonderful…..missed meeting you. Else you would have added another line to your poetry, for sure.

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