Midnight Doorways 5-day Challenge

Midnight Doorways
Midnight Doorways

They were living in guilt for the last 15 days. It was not what and how they had planned to prank their fifth friend, Roshini.

15 days ago, at around 10 pm, Payal called to inform Roshini that Sanjana has met with an accident near her house and she needed help. 

Roshini asked her dad to accompany her to the sight. She saw a car in a distance and ran towards it but unfortunately, in her gloom, she didn’t see a speeding truck approaching her and got hit by it. She died on the spot.

Payal, Sanjana, Rashi, and Sapna sat down to call her through seance and apologize to her. It was midnight. The spirit of Roshini came and they apologized to her. She said, “I was my parent’s only child. Your prank not only killed me but it has killed them too. They are living just for the sake of it. I will forgive you on  only one condition”

“We will do anything for your forgiveness”, they uttered in unison.

The midnight doorways opened and she asked them to accompany her to the other world.

They all froze with terror.

The next day, their bodies were sent for postmortem.

-Rekha Mittal Gupta

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