The Real Devil

The Real Devil
The Real Devil

No human to intervene, or knock doors at that time,

The lockdown seemed perfect, to beat his ‘lovely’ wife,

Because she wasn’t willing to ‘work’, and make him passionate,

So he held a big sword, which was ready to slash her head.

All the windows locked, and hands firmly placed on hips,

Trying to disentangle the pleats, and open tied up saree,

As she pleas to let her go, he stands firmly holding a belt,

And continuously stares at her, practically devouring her face.

Because he was ‘free’, and wanted to utilise every second,

So what if they were newly married, she was a dowry and not on rent,

Summoned her at any point of time, and bullied her intense,

At last she had to give up, when domestic violence was sentenced.

Broke her golden bangles, and smudged the vermilion on head,

Dragged herself everytime, to fulfill cravings of her husband,

When she denied or cried in pain, he’d gift her dirty bite marks,

At last no one came to her rescue, she was herself from the start.

When people around gather, his husband never touched her,

Lovey dovey was show off, the real devil was yet to whisper!

-Angarika AJ

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