26 Eleven

26 Eleven
26 Eleven Pic Courtsey: Jagran
26 Eleven by Ankita Bhatia
26 Eleven
26 Eleven Pic Courtsey: Jagran

The day might have started,
As usual as always
But something different God has planned
When all around, everyone started witnessing blazes

Words would be less
To pay tribute, to martyrs
Who survived the terror
For a period of four days
Starting right from that unfortunate day of 26 eleven.
May god rest those noble souls in heaven.

In the city of dreams, To fulfill their dreams
That day many would have arrived, At the terminus
But none was aware that soon their voices
Would turn into scream

Victims of the terror strikes,
No less than superheroes.
Tribute to those great creatures
Tribute to those brave attack survivors.

-Ankita Bhatia

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