Coloured Love

Coloured Love
Coloured Love

We met as the dawn gave way to dusky sky at the other end of lakes and seas,

Ah! We relished each other’s presence and did everything to make time freeze,

Waking up in the morning the news of her transfer made my heart bleed,

Distance of miles between us would never sow seeds of animosity I agreed.

But the paradise greeted me goodbye as hell was born to play its part,

Swirling storms inside us burst like a balloon, turned into distance of hearts,

In between reality and dreams we had both put our future at stake,

I never knew my colour would be the reason for us to part our ways.

Nothing was left in the world for me so I decided to end my life with glee,

Never knew the truth she hid, I watched her from the heaven of dreams,

They both lost their lives not fighting for the love that existed of seven ages,

She was depressed and fragile, did not stay, gave up her body leaving traces.

In city of Gods the two souls met where shades was not considered a trait,

Earth below felt a land of discrimination, souls entwined without a bait.

Angarika AJ 

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