Stop your bloody thoughts!!

Stop your bloody thoughts!!
Stop your bloody thoughts!!

Hey you!

Stop right now.

What are you doing?

Oh my God!

Tormented soul!

Who is there?

Your life partner?

And you?


You have tortured her enough.

Go to hell.

Stop your bloody thoughts!!

This is the most common issue

So many of them are also here

With us.

They smile here but there in house

Act as demeanour.

For a silly thing,  rebuke the beloved.

Torture day to night

Break down her smiley hub.

Captivate as a caged bird,

Use abruptly as usual.

Oh my God!

What a terrible thought.

They(women)also accept all

Without any 2nd thought.

Most times,  thinking only for family.

For its well being,  they sacrifice their souls.

Not acceptable.

Women, beloved ones, life partners.

Give them proper respect and love.

Treat them as dear friends

Finally can help to build the beautiful ward.

-S Afrose

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