My Beloved – Unforgotten Love

my beloved
Unforgotten Love

From the very early of life

You’re my dear friend

Gradually time runs

My heart is lost forever- My beloved

I can’t express my feelings

My mind craves to see the dreamy hub.

That tune was so sweet

When you told me loudly ” I want to spend my life

By holding your hands sweetheart “.

I was shocked

Hearing your words

How beautiful

The whole earth!

Suddenly one day

A call from the hospital

By a road accident

You were no more on earth.

My breath is stopped

My heart is broken

How can I pass my life

It’s totally impossible.

Oh God! Let me go

With my beloved

Without her— I am not alive!

God cannot accept

I am wandering

As a dead soul

From here to there

To search my beloved.

-S Afrose

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