EMPATHY! – 5 day challenge


Don’t forget dear, we are human beings, the Best creations of the Dear Almighty. 

With us, the Surroundings are also a part, to make a beautiful hut.

How can it happen?

Shower your love. Show EMPATHY. Don’t forget your golden heart, it beats for all.

Animals or plants, whatever… shower your love.

This is a simple animal, a dog 🐕. It may be your dearest pet. Your jolly friend. 

When it will sick, you must take care of it. That’s awesome dear. But not only for pets, we must love and take care of all animals and also those people,  who live on the road. They are called street people. Some hate them, some may not. But the truth is, show your empathy to build a bridge on the earth. That will help to heal all pains and will get the petals of happiness. 

-S Afrose

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