International Men’s Day- The Hidden Chapter

The Hidden Chapter
The Hidden Chapter

It seems crazy but it’s a harsh reality that most of us heard about International Women’s Day which is celebrated on the 8th of March every year but very few know about International Men’s Day.

Yes, International Men’s Day. It is celebrated on 19th November every year. This day is dedicated to the well-being of Man-hood. It is the day to remember the sacrifices made by men in daily life. The day to promote gender equality in the true sense.

We usually heard from our elderly that men and women are two wheels of a cycle. In order to run this cycle of life both should work in coordination and simultaneously. But if we think on deep, on one side we are promoting woman and womanhood, on the other side, we are ignoring the man. For example, there is a taboo that men cannot cry, they are strong. The one who cry is weak.

So the question arises where is equality? Many pieces of research these days show that the number of heart attack cases is more in the case of a man than a woman. The most common and ignored reason is that they cannot express their feelings in an open way because of society’s rules. This thinking should be removed from society if a man has some problem or issue he must express the same without any fear.

Another example is when a woman gets raped everyone comes forward but in the case of a man, no one is even bothered to listen about it. So this International Men’s Day we can take the pledge we had to remove this taboo from society and this can be started by our own family. Try to open up with your father, brother, and husband, and try to understand their feelings too.

-Radhika Malhotra

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