Tribute to THE Men in my Life

Tribute to THE Men in my Life


This race of humankind is often not given the due credit they deserve

Yes! Some seriously don’t deserve any applaud

But that doesn’t mean, the deserving ones be denied the grace.

I, for one, have been blessed to have the kindest, most humble, caring, true gentlemen around me.

Dad, needless to say much, my best friend for eternity, makes me feel proud to be his daughter (treated like a true princess)

My father-in-law, no less than the hand of dad I lost, all respects for him

My husband, the gem in my crown, the sparkle of my tiara, my pride. ( treats me no less than a Queen)

My brother-in-law, my forever supporter, the one who never fails to bring me a smile, less has never caused any hurt or pain

My son, my buddy, we fight and we cry together, but we can never live away from each other. He understands my every mood, by just reading my eyes. He is my love…

My nephew, a friend, who trolls, but always respects and loves from the core.

Truly, they never get the appreciation they deserve, for the unspoken, non-PDA love they share for us(women)

Today, I appreciate all those meritorious men for the true honor and gesture of love they deserve.

Two wheels to run the ride, but don’t forget Men are the wheel that balances our existence. No fight here.

Love all the men close to me, who give my life the meaning and sparkle in it. Thanks for always being there🥰

Happy Men’s Day!!!

-Harshita Udani

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