I was wondering deep in the well.

Not for one nor two years.

It was about 16 years.

Always a cheering smile.

With deep pain inside.

Having a pure heart.

With lots of innocence inside.

But in that period of time.

No peace in my heart.

All my feelings were burn,

in which none can help.

On a holy day I meet an eye by chance.

It was all started with a good evening wish.

And continue with daily calls at the night time. 

From virtual to real time meet.

Everything had became so strong between us.

You were the one.

Who made me feel.

What a true friendship is.

What a true relation is.

What a true feeling is.

What a true person is.

And many others spiritual and social things you made me understand.

Even after staying miles away from me.

You loved and cared me more.

No matter how far we stay.

No matter we are able to talk or not.

But our love and place none can change,

from both’s heart.

We don’t argue nor fight on anything.

As we speak out our thoughts.

And respect each other’s opinion.

Nowadays no one is ready to be a listener.

But I feel fortunate that I am having you for listening me patiently.

Okay so let me control and stop my fingers.

From writing about you.

As I know if I continue then it will be endless.

Divya Khadka

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