Miles Away, in My Heart

Miles Away, in My Heart
Miles Away, in My Heart

I want you to know that I’m grateful for your presence in my life.

Though, I may not have moments where you dwell nevertheless your existence makes my heart warm.

My love for you can never go obtuse, it gets cavernous with each passing moment.

You can push me back hundred times,

I’ll be in your corner more than a thousand times with the same love and care.

What I believe is distance makes more sense than what otherwise can make.

There is a cloud of things of which you’re oblivious but the sky is apprised of.

The sky keeps on absorbing my agony and irony while keeping you away from it.

I’ve written long paragraphs for you, which are far away from your sight.

And the words keep on adding with each dark day of my life bringing more emotions to my dearest pages.

A note can never be enough to tell you what my heart feels for you.

This is just a snippet from my heart, I hope this will find your way.

Although devoid of communication, I can hold myself to go through bad days with your little social media updates.

Your mini snap reminders can carry my heavy heart through all the way.

Your snap location makes my heart peaceful for a while.

Your insta stories get through my heart with your state of mind.

Your insta posts never fail to warm my heart.

Your tweets bring your imagination to the page I can literally go through.

Your WhatsApp statuses keep me close to your heart. 

You can be miles away but my heart carries you all the way

-Asiya Rahim

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