Festival Of Happiness – Diwali

Festival Of Happiness - Diwali
Festival Of Happiness – Diwali

A multitude of fairs reverberates with

Cacophanies of elders and children  

Diwali new moon night festooned with 

spectacular fireworks leaves everyone smitten

Lord Ram’s return with Laxman and Maa Sita

is glorified to date with fervour and ebullience

Ganeshaji and Laxmiji are worshipped on Diwali with

Invincible faith and reverence

Get together, feasts, sweets, shopping and exchange of Gifts.

people sprinkling colored powder

Diwali is celebrated with zeal and zest

Houses, markets, streets are all decorated with

Rangoli, lights, diyas, flowers and candles

Everyone gets gorgeously dressed.

The entire nation is beautifully adorned like a bride

All Indians celebrate it together with full vigor and pride.

-Rekha Mittal Gupta
Festival Of Happiness – Diwali

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