A Beautiful Diwali Memory

A Beautiful Diwali Memory
A Beautiful Diwali Memory
A Beautiful Diwali Memory by Rekha Mittal Gupta

Diwali is just not a festival, Its Happiness!

A Beautiful Diwali Memory
A Beautiful Diwali Memory

The passion, cooperation, compassion, and empathy among people living in a house make it a delightful home. I lived in one such home for two and a half decades of my precious life. 

My Beautiful Diwali Memory

Though we were short of finances, we were never short of zeal, enthusiasm, and devotion for our festivals.  And one of the most admired festivals was the festival of lights – Diwali.

During Dusshera holidays, my mom and we kids would jointly clean the house, instead of my mom solely taking on this responsibility. 

During days when  Diwali cleaning work would be in full swing, my dad would take on the duty of cooking and utensil cleaning after returning from the office. 

In our home, no work was gender-marked. That was our home and its entire work was our work. 

The best part of Diwali was shopping.

And I being the youngest had the privilege of going shopping with my parents and relishing delectable golgappas after a tiring shopping spree in thronged marketplaces.

The next best part of Diwali was looking into the gifts received. I simply loved opening gifts and quickly picking up the ones that I liked.

Diwali Sweets
Diwali Sweets

Oh! how can I forget the sumptuous feast comprising of Dal ka halwa, dahi bhalle, cholle,  navratan korma, and stuffed puris.

My love for firecrackers too couldn’t be missed. Despite being burnt by a firecracker once, I never left bursting crackers.

Actually, there is no one particular favourite Diwali Memory. Pointing out one would be disappointing the other. 

Diwali is a package in itself spreading love, happiness, and togetherness all around.

-Rekha Mittal Gupta

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