The Night of Self-Care And Mental Positivity

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The Night

It was a hectic day with all sorts of things happening and I am waiting for the time to off work. Every time, my work ends the taxi ride lasts for 20 minutes. In the meanwhile, I’ll check for any bills to be paid or do some final checks for my project or something like that.

I reached my home which was like my baby, I walked through the gateway, where the plants and flowers tend to smile at me which brings a smile to my face unknowingly. As soon as, I remove my slippers a huge puffy face barges through the door and sniffs and licks my face, and a hug from my child, seems to be the world to me.

After I freshen up, I slip into my comfy pajamas and enter the kitchen, leaving the footwear off the carpet, turning on some light music and making something not too much nor light dinner, and set up the table for the three.

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Dancing with love- Self Care & Mental Positivity

I tend to enjoy our dinner with the family, of course, duoduo(my dog)too, while making a video call to our parents, sharing the stories of our life. After a while, I wrap up the household work and spent some time with my child by telling her stories and tucking her in.

Pouring a glass of wine, doing light steps for the dance, making my husband join me. Even though the steps were not relatable to the song, we were enjoying. He whispered I love you with a back hug and a smile that shines through my face.

Self-Care And Mental Positivity

The Night of Self-Care And Mental Positivity
The Night of Self-Care And Mental Positivity – Being Happy!

We all know, that modern life was such a hustle, but the primary thing to lead a happy life is to enjoy the process, not just the results.

Do what you love to do because life is too short to live. Make yourself a priority on your list. It’s okay to take a break. If you don’t care about yourself, then who will???

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