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woman squatting on ground while raising both hands
Stress Reliever- Mental Health Awareness 
Health Awareness -Be Happy by Dr. Suharika Thota

It is the most common problem everyone faces in their lives. Its not our fault that we face this problem. 

Mental Health Awareness 
Mental Health Awareness 

It’s just our mental health that gets disoriented sometimes. 

Can anyone say what is Health? Or I can ask what is Mental health.

Let me say my definition of health…if a person is said to be healthy then the person should be physically, mentally, and socially healthy. 

If any one of these gets disoriented then they are not healthy. 

Mainly mental health gets disoriented easily. 


Can anyone say?

It’s because of the different levels of stress we face in our day-to-day life.

Stress is the main cause due to which we get mentally ill.

Stress may be due to different things like office matters for some, family matters for some, financial matters for some, and here comes the main problem over thinking.

If a person has one among them easily they will get ill that too mentally. 

What to do to reduce this stress?

I say one thing that is do something to relax like listening to music, cooking or something. 

Even talking to someone who is close to you can reduce your stress to some extent.

woman squatting on ground while raising both hands
Stress RelieverMental Health Awareness 

Yoga and meditation are other ways to reduce your stress. 

I say please reduce your stress and don’t let anything affect you.

I know saying this is easy but we have to at least try to overcome this. 

Nowadays they are so many people are taking the wrong step coming to mental health. 

They think they are lonely, we have to support them. 

Spread awareness in society about this so that suicide cases reduce and the mental health of a person gets strong. 

Supporting, and being there for a person in every situation helps to improve mental health. 

Listening to a person also helps and gives the person the required strength to overcome everything they are facing.

It may not work in everyone’s care but it can at least reduce such cases.

I say if you can’t do this, at least don’t make someone ill because In most families it goes like they give pressure which leads a person to become ill mentally. 

Families are meant to support…that is what people expect so please support and encourage your family members when they are low and spread the importance of Mental health Awareness.

This is what I felt about Mental health awareness. 

-Dr. Suharika Thota

Mental Health Awareness 

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