Mental Peace

Mental Peace
Mental Peace

I wandered lonely as a cloud ,

Searching for the tranquility of mind,

Times of yore have passed,

The children shouting,

The noisy neighborhood the chaos and confusion around, occupied my entire being.

I said ‘Where can I find peace ‘? but nobody responded, all raptured around in silence.

Filled with anguish, I couldn’t bear it,

Then out of nowhere, my daughter came as a comforter, and whispered, Dad are you alright?’

Looking at her, my tears rolled down,

In spite of my mental health, she was there by my side,

To accompany me, filled with the problems of the world,

I didn’t have time for my family and was stuck in between, but looking at the face of my daughter,

Restored my mental health, and happiness flourished, through like the waters.

Truly a loved one is a blessing that cures keeps the stress away, and makes you elated and delightful.

Mental Peace

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