Ready to win

Ready to win
Ready to win
Ready to Win by Angelica Mabubay
Ready to win
Ready to win

In life, you don’t have to compete in a race.

It is you versus you, compete with yourself.

As long as you never had the thought of giving up, You are ready to win.

Winning is not a matter of getting it first than the others.

It is the contentment you’ve achieved in life.

Walk or run in your own phase,

kKeep working on to get where you want to be.

It doesn’t matter how fast or slow 

Your steps may be.

Just don’t stop, keep working on it

Till you finally get a hold of that trophy,

Claim it, set your mind to it.

You’re already a winner, if you have the mindset of not giving up and not making a stop.

You are the winner.

-Angelica Mabubay

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