Navratri Day 5 – Shakti Peeth Maa Bhadarkali

Navratri day 5
Navratri day 5

Navratri day 5

This day is dedicated to Goddess Katyayani. She also rides a lion and has four arms. Goddess Katyayani is associated with the strongest and most fearless forms of Shakti or Durga, a warrior goddess, which also includes Bhadrakali and Chandika.

Kurukshetra also referred to as Dharmakshetra is one of the most popular holy places. The importance of this place is because the Kurukshetra War of the Mahabharata between the Kauravas and Pandavas took place at this place.

It was here where Lord Krishna preached the lesson of Bhagavad Gita ( The most important holy book of Hindus) to Arjuna. This place is famous as the name of Jyotisar. The Kurukshetra is also popular with the name of the Land of Mahabharata. Devi Shakti Peeth Maa Bhadrakali Devikoop Temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas of Mata Parvati (Maa Sati) located in Kurukshetra city.

It is believed that an ankle of Mata Sati fell in the well of Bhadarkali Temple in Kurukshetra. Lots of devotees visit Bhadarkali Temple, especially during the Navratras. On Saturdays also lots of devotees come to this temple to offer their prayers.

When Lord Shiva’s wrath with the sudden death of his wife Mata Parvati manifested as the Tandava which would destroy the Universe, to stop this Lord Vishnu’s Sudarshan chakra cut her body remains into pieces which scattered around the various parts of the country. These places where Mata Parvati’s body parts fell are today considered the Shakti peethas. There are such 51 shaktipeeth. Bhadrakali temple is one of the Shaktipeeth where the ankle of the Mata Parvati is believed to have fallen.

Mundan Sanskar (Bald Head Ceremony) It is also believed that Lord Krishna and Balrama had their Mundan( bald head) ceremony here so lots of devotees also came here for the mundan ceremony of their children.

Major Celebrations

Although all the festivals are celebrated at Maa Bhadarkali Temple, the main festival is Durga Puja and Navratri celebrations here. During Navratri, Jagran is done in the temple daily for all nine days of Navratri.

On these days a large number of Devotees and the temple is decorated with lights and flowers. Temple decoration is the main attraction of visitors. A small fair is also organized outside the temple. Small toy shops for children, food stalls, and many more are set up in these fares.

-Radhika Malhotra

Navratri Day 5

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  2. Tandava is a vigorous form of dance which is performed by Lord Shiva. This form of dance represents the cycle of creation, preservation and destruction. It is a dance of passion, anger and powerful energy. Some Hindu texts demote to Lord Shiva’s dances jointly as ‘tandava’ and call this dance the rudra (terrible) tandava, performed when Lord Shiva is angry. It is performed by Lord Shiva and is composed of 108 ‘karanas’ and 32 ‘anghaharas’ according to Bharat Muni’s ‘Natya Shastra’.

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