A Page from my Travel Diaries

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Travel Diaries
Travel Diaries by Yans

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October 3rd, 2022 12:25 pm

Travel Diaries
Travel Diaries

A Page from my Travel Diaries

I hung in there, as I packed my baggage,

Everything was ready and prepared,

Except for the confirmation,

I strive hard, but all in vain.

Frustrated, I gathered my stuff,

Took the enduro, and headed to the county,

As I hit the road, a sense of contentment strike me,

The lovely landscape, the gentle breeze,

The chirping sounds of birds, and nature, were my consolation, reaching halfway,

I stopped by to take a break,

There I saw a lady, selling organic fruits and vegetables hovering around like a lonely bird,

She greeted me, and enquired where I was going,

Reluctant at first, I didn’t utter a word, but as time passed, we became close and told her every detail,

She offered me some fruits, but I hesitated at first, buy as thou insisted,

I couldn’t deny it and took it from her hands.

Leaving aside all my burdens, I sat down with her and had quality time,

Sharing my experiences, after hours of discussion,

I thanked her and headed for the county, since I was alone,

I was uncomfortable at first but without my knowledge,

I was surrounded by folks, whom I don’t even know,

Though we are strangers, they welcomed me and made me feel at home

I couldn’t understand why?

Though a lone passerby, they treated me as their own,

I owe them my sincere gratitude, as I parted from them,

I could experience the love and affection moving on to my destination I reached late,

But it doesn’t matter, for I belong to nature,

Unpacking my stuff, I set up the tent, with the things I brought.

Trying to grab a bite, to satisfy my hunger, and quench my thirst,

I ate to the full, with the scrumptious meal I prepared,

Knowing that something awaits me, occurring after the meal,

I set out for trekking, with the camera in my hand,

I captured the wildflowers, blooming in heavenly abode, which lay untouched,

The beautiful sunset, which reminded me of my dawn of love, engrossed my mind,

Unfortunately, she’s no more,

The squirrels and monkeys, roaming freely without trepidation,

These are signs that nature is more pleasant than the world we live in.

A place far from human interruption,

There I found myself one with nature,

The tranquility which surrounded me, vouchsafe me from the hustle and bustle,

I don’t understand why?

But Deep down, they say, life is a journey!

A journey for oneness, a journey for aestheticism, a journey for enlivening a journey for invigorating life,

And a journey for change.

That’s what I experienced, though afar from home,

I am gratified, a lone passerby in a strange world, but with nature, we are one.

Free from hatred and atrocity,

Free from illegal activities, and Oneness that inspired me,

One week of an adventurous life, passed by in a blink of an eye,

The Amour I experienced the rivers and valleys, floating without cessation,

The trees purifying nature, the animals with their majestic Beauty,

Oh! I am lost in ecstasy.

On the eve of my departure, I was filled with melancholy, and insomnia overshadowed me.

A sense of nostalgia struck me, as I prepared to move,

But life has to go on, a journey without ending,

Leaving aside my nostalgia, I packed all my stuff and headed back home.


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