Daughters are Special

Daughters are Special by Miss Writer

Who’s Daughter? Whom do we call as Daughter?

Here’s the definition of a daughter:

A female offspring; a girl or female in relation to her parents.

Why daughters are important?

A daughter is a symbol of unconditional love and selflessness. People around the world celebrate the day by exchanging gifts and making special gestures to make their daughters feel special. 

Daughters are often looked down upon in patriarchal societies because they do not have equal rights over their sons. This is common in rural parts of the world, and as daughters struggle to make their mark in the big world, the day aims to celebrate and honor daughters and their equality. increase.

Therefore, Daughter’s Day aims to raise awareness of the challenges daughters face and have to endure because of the patriarchal society.

Does raising a girl or daughter have a big problem?

Raising a girl is hard. As a father, it can be difficult to understand what your daughters can go through as they grow up.

Every girl is unique and different.

How to improve the relationship between daughter and parents?

Positive relationships between parents and kids are important for all areas of kid development. Positive relationships with children are supported being within the moment, spending quality time and building trusting relationships.Your relationship together with your child changes and evolves as your child grows and develops.

How’s the relationship between daughter and father?

A daughter’s relationship with her father plays an important role in the daughter’s psychological development. A girl grows up with a healthy sense of self when her father is present in her daughter’s life. They are more confident and self-assured and have a clearer understanding of what they want in life.

How’s the relationship between daughter and mother?

A mother is her daughter’s role model, best friend, and pillar of strength. For her mother, her daughter is her world. A mother forms a strong bond with her daughter as soon as she is born. As her daughter grows up, their relationship changes, but their feelings remain the same.

However, sometimes this beautiful relationship breaks down. This applies to both mothers and daughters. In situations like these, it’s important to address the issue and improve the relationship.

Change the situation from this 

scared woman in pink long sleeve shirt

To this…..

parents kissing their little cute girl

Now the changes have been noticed by some. But still, there are a few changes left. But I am glad to know that these changes have happened and have also been handled well with love and care.

We live in a society where parents take pride in raising their daughters and giving them the same opportunities as their sons. Rather than limiting coming out, they send their daughters to school, college, and work just to give the impression of a society that belongs to the modern generation.

-Miss Writer

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