Peace Mantra

Peace Mantra
Peace Mantra
Peace Mantra by Radhika Malhotra

Happy Mind, Happy Vibes, Happy Soul. These are the main mantra of a happy life. And these all come in the package called PEACE.

Peace Mantra
Peace Mantra

In order to live a happy and peaceful life, inner peace is as important as blood in the body. Inner peace helps you to maintain the balance between the mind and the body. The person who is internally calm makes decisions wisely. Inner peace lets you see the world in a happy and positive way. Whenever we talk about peace the term wars immediately comes to our mind. This is the second part of peace the Outer Peace.

Outer peace is important to maintain a war-free environment and this cannot be done individually. It is a joint effort of one and all. But the thing is that if you are not internally satisfied or your internal peace is missing you cannot be able to maintain outer peace as well. Because you can only see negativity and all your frustrations impact it.

You cannot have internal peace with individuals who are frustrated from the inside ready to fight and want to throughout their frustrations on others. To find the inner peace you may sit and meditate and find it very peaceful. Meditation is the key to finding inner peace.

-Radhika Malhotra

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