Peaceful Africa

Peaceful Africa by Dr. Amb Goronyo
Peaceful Africa
Peaceful Africa

Africa the home of beauty

It is magnificent,
Adorable and colorful,

photo of group of men wearing assorted scarves holding sticks
Colourful Africa

With the finest animals on earth,
Beauty it is called,

person feeding giraffe
Finest Animals

Africa the home of blacks,
Adorable and immaculate,

Black is beauty they said,
Black means power I believed,

woman standing

Africa is a home of all,
A home of hospitality,

Africa is for all,
A place for everyone,

You need to visit Africa,
A home of beauty and peace,

A home of diverse culture,
Language and customs,

Africa is my father’s land,
Land of wealth and equity,

Africa is my home and yours,
We welcome all for peace and development.

– Dr. Amb Goronyo

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