Literacy Day -Value & Importance

Literacy Day by Radhika Malhotra
Literacy Day
Literacy Day

Literacy doesn’t mean high-level education and degrees. Literacy means basic knowledge of reading and writing.

Literacy is the core of the development of any country. If a person is able to read and write then he/she is able to choose good and bad for himself/herself. For example like if you are going to buy a policy for your future safety but you are unable to read then the person selling the policy might tell you only the benefits of the policy, not its cons or terms and conditions.

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You came to the world as a human and education make you a person to survive in society. That’s why Government always promotes education as the right of every person/child.

Our parents play an important role in our development but if the parents are illiterate, they are not able to decide which school is better for us or which career option is better for us.

Literacy Day

Literacy makes you feel confident, it saves you from various kinds of fraud which happened to many due to non-knowledge of words. That is the reason UNESCO in order to spread the awareness and value of education recognized 8th September as Literacy Day.

Padega India Tabhi toh Badega India
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To promote education Government also takes vital steps like the Right to education with the Motto “Padega India Tabhi toh Badega India.” Under this act Free and compulsory education for all under the age of 15 years.

As an educator, I know what is the value of education. You will be able to stand up on your own. You are able to make your own decisions.

-Radhika Malhotra

Right to Education

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