Karwa Chauth – Celebrating Love & Unity

Karwa Chauth
Karwa Chauth
Karwa Chauth - Celebrating Love & Unity by Miss Writer
Karwa Chauth
Karwa Chauth

Hii readers, today I’m going to say some words about Karwa Chauth which starts from 13 Oct 1:59 am to 14 Oct 3:08 am. 

Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth consists of two words. Karva means earthen kerosene lamp and Chauth means four. The day of Karwa Chauth is widely known near Diwali and falls precisely on the fourth day in the month of Kartik. The month of Kartik celebrates the harvest season, a time to return together and celebrate.

Karva Chauth may be a celebration of the beautiful union of men and women who celebrate love and unity. Today Karwa Chauth is more of an occasion than a prayer.

Significance of Karwa Chauth

Karva Chauth begins as a celebration of sisterhood and social significance. Previously, girls were married at a young age. According to tradition, a girl had to leave home to be with her step-family. After marriage, girls are lonely, share their problems, and have no one to love. 

On their wedding day, a small ceremony was held in which the women became the godsisters of the bride for life.The women were considered soul sisters for life and shared the sacred bond of friendship. Sisters of God share with brides in times of difficulty, stress, and need, sympathize, and share each other’s problems. 

The Karva Chauth Festival was created to celebrate friendship, sisterhood, and unity. Karva Chauth was established to celebrate relationships, but with the changing times, it has become a fast that married women observe for their husband’s welfare and longevity.

What does Karwa Chauth mean to you (me)?

=> According to me, Karwa Chauth should be celebrated with happiness and pleasure as it’s our tradition, and we all should respect our traditional rituals. Because following traditional rituals is always good as it’s necessary and also important. If it’s not followed perfectly then that person is not respecting traditional rituals.

Is there any benefit associated with fasting?

=> Karwa Chauth Fast isn’t only auspicious for spiritual and religious reasons but offers a unique set of health advantages as well. When observed in a healthy manner, the Karwa Chauth presto provides the body with an event to detox.

Not just that, it is a chance to exfoliate poisons in a healthy way which leads to a more energetic feeling. Other benefits of this auspicious fast include enhancement of impunity, and thus the potential to help complaints.

Fasting as a whole is a conception meant to help the body by easing the liability of recovering old cells to promote better cell functioning. After all, cells are the structural blocks of the body. Healthy cells make a healthy body.

Although the fast of Karwa Chauth is enough strict and observed by abstaining from the input of food and water until the moon sighting, it offers numerous internal and physical health benefits.

Does it actually increase a spouse’s lifespan?

=> Fasting is an outdated tradition. within the Kali Yuga, people are called ‘Anagata Prana’, which suggests that life depends on nutrition. In our scriptures, fasting was given primarily to men. Because women’s bodies are relatively fragile, their severity is extremely light in the scriptures.

Men have stopped using austerity measures and ladies are forced to do so on certain days. Menstruation is additionally considered a sparing measure for women. Therefore, they’re already more economical than men. Fasting once a year is nothing but torture. Fasting is sweet for the body and mind, but doing it regularly is often fun.

Otherwise, people will become moody and think only about food. Fasting is additionally taking a break to dedicate to God. it isn’t about adding more stress to an already stressful life. Fasting is penance, and if through with good intentions it certainly brings merit and removes sins, but freedom is more important.

Do you think fasting is only for women?

=> Not only women are expected to follow the ritual, but men (especially the younger ones in the family) are also expected to do so, but the magnitude of the difference in expectations between men and women is immeasurable.

To illustrate, I would like to say a little about how societies and religions work! but does not seek to increase its influence on other societies or religions. The easiest way to extend your power was to secretly extend it by marrying a woman from another society/religion. This principle was most clearly seen in ancient tribes/tribal communities. 

At the time, numbers were everything for a tribe to survive and thrive. When women marry outside the tribe, their numbers decrease and the tribe becomes weaker. So to avoid this and the free, various structures have been built around the existing social structures!!

There are customs that women should follow. All this was long before religion existed. As religions emerged, it became easier and easier to establish more and more rituals and traditions (according to different religions), thus survival strategies became more of a behavior modification exercise.

Not all ceremonies began this way, but most ceremonies, especially those involving women and girls, have their roots in this ancient concept. Also, these ceremonies are not confined to this concept but are closely tied to spirituality and religious/social beliefs, which explains their existence.

Thank you so much readers for giving your time. I hope you all agree with my point. I’m happy that I’ve made a special blog on Karwa Chauth. Please give your opinion so that I can improve myself. Hope you like this blog. 

– Miss Writer 

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