Heart without feelings -Lost Love

 Heart without feelings
 Heart without feelings
This poem is about the story between boy and a girl and the story of a heart without feelings- by Miss Writer
 Heart without feelings
 A heart without feelings Lost Love

Once there was a girl,

Who was at first very an introvert,

Doesn’t talk with anyone much,

Nor like to visit crowded places.

After some years, a boy came into her life,

Changed everything for the girl,

Never felt her uncomfortable,

And always understands her.

Two years it was awesome,

For that girl and for that boy too,

They both lived happily with each other,

But it was just online.

But later, the boy stopped talking with the girl,

Never said the reason behind it,

Always tries to ignore the girl,

And never texts or call her.

That girl is now in depression,

Just don’t like to have a talk with anyone,

Feels that there’s no one for her,

And will just leave her without giving any reason.

A Heart without feelings!!!

-Miss Writer

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