An Unsung Journey of Motherhood & Breastfeeding vs Formula Feeding

Motherhood & Breastfeeding
Motherhood & Breastfeeding
An Unsung Journey of Motherhood & Breastfeeding vs Formula Feeding. There is no right or wrong choice by Radhika Malhotra
Motherhood & Breastfeeding
Motherhood & Breastfeeding

Choosing to breastfeed or bottle-feed is a personal decision as well as depends on various other circumstances in the journey of motherhood & breastfeeding. I can say it is very confidential because I am the one who experienced both phases or I can say I am currently on the breastfeeding phase for the last year.

Let’s start with my own story so that we can conclude the positive and negative aspects of anything. In November 2013, I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Though everything didn’t happen according to plan. My baby was supposed to be born in mid-December. Yes, it was an emergency delivery.

My baby girl was born in the 8th month only. Yet it was a normal delivery but my baby girl didn’t cry. So my husband and parents rushed to the child specialist. As I already said it was an emergency delivery so the hospital was not of our choice there wasn’t any NICU department in that hospital.

For almost 7days me and my newborn daughter were kept in different hospitals. When I met with my daughter, we tried everything to start breastfeeding, but we failed. So we opted for formula milk for my elder daughter as I didn’t have any other choice left with me.

Now again in July 2021, I was blessed with a cute daughter. It again didn’t happen as expected. Everyone was hoping for a normal delivery but at the last moment, the doctor had to take the decision of a C-section due to the baby’s heartbeat.

This time it was a full-term pregnancy. Despite this, I started breastfeeding from the very first day and still I am breastfeeding my little one. So I am the one who experienced both. Now from both experiences, what I observed:

  1. Type of delivery is not in your hand. No guilt if you’ve gone through a c-section because I had my c-section after 14hour of active labour.
  2. Now about Formula and breastfeeding– Though I didn’t want to use formula in my first case as well, I was left with no choice due to circumstances.
  3. Yes, I observe a huge difference between both my daughters-
    My elder one’s immunity power was weak till the age of 3-4years. She got easily infected. By the Grace of God, it’s not in the case of my younger one.
  4. As we discuss the activities my little one is more active. It’s one of the first important decisions you’ll make as a new parent. Both have pros and cons.

Over the years, the issue has been controversial, often leading to parents feeling judged for choosing bottle-fed formula over breast milk. Don’t let the haters get you down either way. Motherhood & breastfeeding or Formula feeding is an individual choice to make.

No Right or Wrong Choice Pic Courtesy: UnityPoint Health (Motherhood & Breastfeeding)

There’s no right or wrong choice, just the healthiest choice for you and your baby. Before settling on one or the other, you’ll want to have all the facts.

Benefits of Breastfeed ( As per Medical Studies) Motherhood & Breastfeeding

  • Lower the risks of Breastcancer.
  • Lower the risks of Ovarian Cancer.
  • Lower the risk of the child falling sick again and again ( Natural Immunity Booster). (Self-experience)
  • Breastfeeding helps you to loose weight after pregnancy easily.
  • It also helps the mother in facing postpartum depression, since it is observed that breastfeeding mothers are less likely to have postpartum depression.
  • You can go easily for outings and shopping no need to worry about carrying formula milk, sterilizing the bottles, etc.

One major point I want to discuss here about breastfeeding is the word SHAME. Feeling shame in feeding your own child in public. Yes, I agree in my starting days when I had to feed my daughter in front of others I felt awkward. But then one day I had a conversation with myself that this will not work at all, I am feeding my child and nothing is wrong with this.

From that day I could feed easily even in public areas (yes I use appropriate cover for the same but not because I feel shame but for the sake of others so that others cannot feel embarrassed as you can control your thinking not others).

Countries like in India breastfeeding your child in public places is still taboo and we need to talk more often and more openly about it.

-Radhika Malhotra

Motherhood & Breastfeeding

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