Maa Shailaputri – Strength & Courage

Maa Shailaputri 
Devi Shailaputri 
Maa Shailaputri by Sudipta Mishra
Maa Shailaputri 
Devi Shailaputri 

Oh, Maa Shailaputri 

Placed on a fiercely looking bull 

You arrive on Earth 

To bless thy worshippers from the wrath

 Thou are the embodiment of the Trinity

With folded hands 

Holding a trident in one hand

You chastise the evildoer with your fiery power  

I bow to your lotus feet 

Oh, ma thou art the daughter of mountain deity

Purify the sinners with the glory of peace and stability…

– Sudipta Mishra

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