Krishna As a Friend, Philosopher, and Guide

Happy Birthday Krishna May your message spread far and wide

Krishna with a flute in one hand
Mesmerizing the world with its mellifluous tunes
And Sudarshan in other
Sending out your message loud and clear

The peacock feather bejeweling the crown
Symbolising purity, chastity
The dance on the overpowered Kaliya-naag’s hood
Epitomizing victory over physical senses

The innocent pranks, divine plays
The message of love, peace, cordiality
The lessons to judge and act
Irrespective of emotions and bonds

Sharing the ideal love space with Radha
And passing on verses of wisdom about nirvana
Acting as a charioteer to protect dharma
Couldn’t be taught better in any way
Except for the examples you presented

From a Gwala to Samrat
A Shaanti-doot to Saarathi
You played all the different roles so effectively
From Baal-Leela with Ma and sakhaas
To raas-leela with gopikaas
To Krishna-Leela and Bhagwad-Geeta

Symbolizing victory over evil
You taught how to perfectly balance relationships

From Rukmini-haran
To being Draupadi’s kasht-bhanjan
You spread the message of love and brotherhood

Your bansuri, panchjanya, sudarshan, kaumodaki
Representing emotions, spiritualism, aggression, and power
Merged into one

The one who didn’t think twice before slaying his own kin
To establish harmony
You are one who has taught
Lessons tough

To lead a life
Absolutely stabilized and contented
Leading to moksh

-Ashu Verma Chaubey

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