We Proud Indians aren’t less than, The Great Banyan.

We proud Indians
We Proud Indians
We Proud Indians aren't less than, The Great Banyan. It's not that we're weak, It's just that we love being at peace. A poetry by Ashu Verma Chaubey

It’s not that we’re weak, It’s just that we love being at peace

We proud Indians
We Proud Indians

We Proud Indians

We bow to acknowledge you and your achievements
Not because we are lacking behind
And just for the reason that we love peace,
Don’t consider us weak
We accept advice and help equally from foes and friends
That doesn’t mean we aren’t self-reliant

Before you call us
A bunch of uncivilized, uncouth, and benighted fools
For we had measured the skies, long before you.

We knew the movement of constellations and planets
Before you even had an idea about
The mysteries unraveling beyond the human boundaries

Our pharmacy industry dates back to those ages
When the rest of the world hadn’t even
Worked out on diseases

Our lifestyle hadn’t allowed
Any lifestyle disorders to crop up
Until we met you

Our manuscripts defining
The fundamentals of Life
Physics, metaphysics, and spirituality
Our Veds and Purans
Detailing every bit of an ideal human life
Aren’t just scriptures but oceans vast
The depths of which
You can’t even dare to measure

And for those who think
That we have just begun to be developed
For them, we have our centuries-old architectural marvels
Which have passed all the tests of time
And still stand glorious and tall

Be it Unakoti or Dwarka
Rameshwaram or Kailash
Or for that reason the mast flying opposite to air direction over Lord Jagannath

The science and technology behind these marvels
And those intellectual brains
Can you even fathom
In the wildest of your dreams
And the ones who dare to India
A land of snake charmers, hunters, and magicians
The oldest known civilizations stand by us
As evidence against this allegation

Ya, for those who say it out loud
That India with its defense infrastructure
Is now well equipped
To force her enemies out
Let them know that we had missiles and airplanes
When the rest of the world hadn’t even made toy trains
Well equipped and well trained were our ancestors
To win wars
But still preferred to win hearts

And we still do
Not because we are hollow or unsound
But because Ahimsa and Maitri bhaav
Has always been our chosen path

It’s not that we are afraid of getting into expostulations
It’s just that we prefer to admire others’ views and decisions

We Proud Indians
We are like that Great Ancient Banyan
The roots of which cannot be found
But it has the potential to uproot the ground
We are that fruit-laden tree
That bows down
Not because its trunk is weak
But due to it’s heavyweight
Balancing itself against the odds

We bow down
Not because we are lacking behind
But just as a mark of respect and admiration for all
So think before you call us meek
The next time around!

-Ashu Verma Chaubey

We Proud Indians

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