With Pride I present Myself, The way I am

With Pride I present Myself
With Pride I present Myself

Tone up yourself a bit

And turn from fat to fit

Flex up your arms and legs

To get your body in proper shape

To look like a macho male

You say

Just look at your Skin Tone so dark and dull

Get some expensive whitening treatments done

You suggest

You think you are acting kind enough

By enlightening me about those ads on television 

Which share the formula for a superior-looking complexion

Required to fascinate the other sex

Do you think, I’m a naive incompetent

In judging your Tone

When you sarcastically jibe

Oh this style wasn’t meant for you

And this colour your designer shouldn’t have used

You think you can injure my pride

By passing those comments 

Let me tell you, I have the power to

Change the Tone of the surroundings

With just my presence and my jaunty spirit

And with pride I declare  

Your outlook on Body-Shaming

And Gender-Shaming me

And your opinion about the physical me 

I reject to accept

Ashu Verma Chaubey

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