The Dreary Desperate Sleepless Nights 

sleepless nights
  (Image credits: Depositphotos) Sleepless Nights
Dear Readers… Sleepless Nights is shared with you by Shashi thakur in this blog with some heartbreaking experiences of motherhood of one of her friends.
sleepless nights
  (Image credits: Depositphotos) Sleepless Nights

With great leisure, I pull out some rusty remembrances,

those corridors and paths to feeling the affection,

that however remains on the hallways, 

the recollections draped in feelings of various shades,

are still glossy, aromatic, and glorious,

they have not diminished with the cascade of periods.

The remembrances of days when I had adopted motherhood fickle down while ripping some bygone memories, I brush their exterior to realize them once more. Those Sleepless Nights.

As I waddle across those known memory alleys, I recall that the days were difficult; the nights were harsh, erratic, and rougher. I was innocent and the novelty of motherhood had yet to soak into me, as I was blundering over almost everything. 

I felt awful for no obvious reason and sobbed at the tiniest stimulation. For the entire duration, I used to sit carrying my baby, rocking, feeding, burping, displacing the dirty clothes with cleaner ones, and washing the messy ones and the tiresome tale persisted for months. 

Sacrifice is equivalent to motherhood, the foremost being her slumber. I had learned it from others; with time I also endured it. 

My suffering was slightly different as my baby had a problem with digestion.

She was lactose intolerant, which indicates the partial/total inability to digest lactose (the sugar in milk); the condition is innocuous, but the signs are painful. Stomach pain, gas, and diarrhea are some of the symptoms.

The Journey of Sleepless Nights

loving mother hugging cute newborn
The Journey of Sleepless Nights

My breastfeeding period was like this:

My baby… she would latch on to the nipples to grab the feed, and in an hour, she would wake up screaming nonstop. 

This is against the belief that the baby sleeps for two hours after each round of feeding, which provides an estimate of the sufficiency of breast milk.

She repeatedly pooped and looked weak and sick with time. The array of indications led to the diagnosis of this inadequacy of the enzyme lactase, which is accountable for breaking down and digesting lactose in milk. 

I had to avoid breastfeeding, and none of the alternatives (formula milk) worked as lactose was the common constituent in all. What she had was lactose-free formula milk (Zerolac and Nusobee were the brands then).

The manner of feeding her was unmanageable with a sterilized spoon and a bowl, in comparison breastfeeding was easy. I never preferred feeding her with a bottle, since the chances of infection were greater.

My hardship had heightened owing to sore breasts the whole time, I had to pump the milk and throw, and my body agonized and felt numb with pain. I have spent nights moaning, fathoming the reality that encircled us. Every time my baby cried, my tears tumbled, seeing and experiencing her discomfort.

Those were the most tumultuous nights I have ever spent with my baby. They have infused in me the courage to withstand, prepared me to move on with valiance, and enhanced my motherhood understanding. In due course of time, things transformed, and they altered for the better.

Sleepless Nights – #True Story of my friend

-Shashi Thakur

Sleepless Nights

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