Emojis by Roopal Arora Happy Emoji Day!

Life is developed by our blissful thoughts. It is the best way of putting our feelings that the heart cannot show.

Emojis are essential to show different emotions. It makes messaging relevant and engaging. It includes understanding the use of emojis for showing different meanings.

We express ourselves better with emojis. It enhances communication with description and clarity.

It enhances our thought process. It can be used for learning different letters and words. We can remove words and replace them with emojis. It doesn’t take a lot of space.

Emojis can be used for learning rebus. A rebus is a story where pictures replace words. We can write our own descriptions.

Emojis are often used as exit tickets. It adds value to the text. It adds thoughts and emotions to our writing. It connects us with others.

We can click an emoji that matches our understandings and thoughts. It saves our time. It helps us forget about our pain and worries.

Roopal Arora

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