The Precious Jewel

The Precious Jewel
The Precious Jewel
The Precious Jewel by S Afrose
The Precious Jewel
The Precious Jewel

That is your heart

Full of vibrant vibes

Full of colourful sites

For making paradise.

That’s the precious jewel

To adorn the simple life

By showering drops of love

You can conquer the crescent verse.

Without any fear

You can see you can hear

That’s so absurd for all

But your heart can cope like a doll.

You are so proud about this fact

Your lovely heart is the majestic state

It’s your pride after all

Tell the world— story of true love— golden soul!

Love can conquer any thing

Without losing any lively scene

True essence is required for a Colourful earth

Love helps to turn the desert into a divine.

Don’t forget your wings of heart

Don’t forget your core of love

Don’t be boastful anyway

Your silly pride can collapse the heart’s hub.

Look at there Reflection of so many colours Orange-blue-yellow-green-white-pink

All colours can show any specific trail.

Love – pain- loser-winner

All must welcome in deepest heart

With all the magical hub

For decorating the lively earth.

When you can feel at that way

You can see the divine ray

To shower peace upon all

Colourful heart is the precious jewel.

– (C) S Afrose, BD.

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