My Pride
My Pride
My Queer Generation- My Pride by Maid Corbic.
My Pride
My Pride

I am surrounded by various people around me
I’m not afraid I’m a queer boy
Because it gives me the strength to cuddle
They realize that LGBTQ + is a good thing
And that each of us has equal rights

To live the way he wants and dreams
I think my generation knows
Always that the meaning of existence is
My reason is a sincere woven soul
Because I believe my existence

Yes, I make myself free
I consider myself a queer; it just bothers me
That people sometimes do not understand the attitude
Because it hurts me when they say I’m zero
Because they don’t know my story
And that they just want to make me crazy

Maybe the story makes more sense
If I still don’t see the light of day
I am a queer generation boy
Who loves justice and reconciliation
And I carry the flag of pride with pride
To be proud with pride, I only know

Yes, my time is running out
Yes, my happiness is always present
Because veto and hope give me a feeling
That I’m still worth it somewhere

My knowledge, my power, and supremacy
Let love continue to build inner emotions
The queer generation and I are a member of LGBTQ +
Proud I proudly hold on to my colors
Because I am happy when I have what I dream of
And that is my freedom of speech and feelings!

Maid Corbic

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