An Evening Sun – Two Tender Gusts of Wind

An Evening Sun
An Evening Sun
Sipping on the coffee while reading a book, I got lost in the evening sun... The beautiful poetry that the sunset portrayed is described in words by Cilenti Emanuele.
An Evening Sun
An Evening Sun

We do like the waves of the sea

Then stealthily they met at night

To make love and then give birth

And then give birth on the shoreline

Many small coloured shells.

We will be two gusts of wind & barefoot

We will dance on the beach,

Red hot by the sun.

We will become sea foam

And we will smear with love & passion

The rough surface of every rock

That will dare to hinder us.

We will feed our bodies

With embers and sparks

Stolen from summer bonfires

And the kisses of passion in the summer.

We will meet eternity

We will steal it

We will imprison her

We will keep it hidden

So that our love can feed on her

To live forever

Between the caresses of the moon & the kisses of the stars…

Cilenti Emanuele

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