Dear Myself,

I never thought that the levels of apparition and desire were more ridiculous. I believe that every day is a
blessing from God and that he knows best all our states and life processes in which we find ourselves, although it is still not clear to us.

We must know that life is special and that we should be happy and joyful every day because we really deserve it, and the meaning of life is to be my letter presented to those aspirations and desires that must be proactive in every field.

Love is what it is I need to keep building no matter what people say, but I have to be careful because life has become more dangerous lately. And I am just a man who has aspirations and hopes to conquer this one who is very special and really gives his maximum. And the love I share is inexhaustible and really especially tailored because the wishes will be different and much more painful if I give myself to the maximum and do not allow the meaning of my life to be presented in some black doubts. I conceived myself from birth.

Therefore, all my desires and thoughts will be redirected to the world in spreading peace and unity that will continue to be enduring and special, because my desires are most simply created, and the knowledge
that one-day life change gives the impression that each of us can have some desires of our own.

Therefore, every day I thank all for everything because now he has a much better attitude and the additive I was looking for, and that is the desire and aspirations to turn it into something completely new, new victories. And my love turns into the bleed zone since my love has never happened and that makes me so miserable and dead in my soul. I want to my love get back. I’m still waiting for some better and brighter days for myself to finally come up with rhetorical questions about my life and why still in spite of everything I was left alone.

Maybe destiny wanted it that way because I am a specific man who is always looking for some hope in other people, and in fact, he does not see himself today. I am also looking for answers to questions and I believe in all sorts of words that sometimes are not even descriptive, but I think that there is a time coming for everything that shows me what I need to work on and why I am still a weirdo from my fairy tale.

I have a lot of answers to the questions of their fantasy, but I always look for that glimmer of hope and sincere destiny that will always give me the most beautiful spheres of life, because I don’t like others around me to be sad.

Thinking and believing that there is only a destination for everything makes me happy and very smiling, because I am a man who builds and lives always for his beautiful dreams, which in the end, regardless of reality and reality, come true. And that’s fine because I I dream of being all that I once was, an ordinary man in that corner of life who always prepares the most beautiful fairy tales for me and asks himself the question “Why has the world become so illogical?”

Sometimes or never I will find out the answer to that, but I always believe that the destiny and the meaning of life of selected people in their dentition testify once forever.

Yours Loving,

Maid Corbic

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