Set your goal

Set your goal
Set your goal
Set your goal by S Afrose- motivational poetry on Global Running Day
Set your goal
Set your goal

Set your goal

To play role

Never forget rest

Do your best

Remind inner eyes

Are need to awake

To see all

Go ahead for achieving goal

Be brave to catch the quest of mind

What’s that kind

Painful parts

Be ready to sketch arts

Run and run

Look at that sun

It will show the way of life for what’s the reason

You can’t deny

Endurance helps to make crescent place

Want to laugh

Never forget your heart

Come as a lion to show the world

For what’s reason

You’re here

Running and running

Caring and caring

Setting your mind

You’re the great hero

You will be the winner

You will be the champion

After reflecting your thoughts

On the mirror of earthly role

(C) S Afrose

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