mothe's hug
Mother's Hug
An ode to Mothers, their love, the power of a Mother's Hug on Mother's Day by Maid Corbic
mother's hug
Mother’s Hug

An embracing sword gives me strength forever
To have a happy child every day
Because I understand how it is for others
And me, I’m just a little dreamer
Who wants to hug his mother
He didn’t weave everything black as I think
When I’m sad, my mother is always there
To save me from all evil
Because I know she’s everything to me
Time is still on my side
And I’m made of goodness only
Because I love the mother of the most beautiful in the world
And her hug gives me the energy I need
To believe that not everything is imperfect in this world
I know my mother is salty to me
But I have to go my own way
Because I can’t be a sweetheart forever
A mother’s embrace is a gift from God himself
And I have to remember that forever
Mother was everything in the world to me
Now that she’s gone, my heart aches
But time goes on and so do I.
What is it worth to grieve when I know
That she gave me the life I continue !?

-Maid Corbic

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